Boxer Books All Things Dog!


 THE BOXER: FAMILY FAVORITE - by Stephanie Abraham
One of a relatively new series from Howell Books, this valuable reference provides a history of the breed, the standard and all aspects of training. Color photos, for both beginners and fanciers.
Price: $24.95


Covers all areas of Boxer care, from the early adoption phase to training techniques to health concerns to teaching some basic tricks.
Price: $12.95


 THE BOXER HANDBOOK - by Joan Walker
A new pet owner's guide covering all the basics that you need to know to be a successful Boxer owner. Color photos.
Price: $11.99


 BOXERS (BARRON) - by Johanna Thiel
Our most affordable pet owner's guide to the breed with detailed information on training, exercise, grooming, feeding, and much more.
Price: $8.99


 WORLD OF THE BOXER - by Richard Tomita
A coffee-table sized book with over 1500 photos - mostly color -and contributions from over 60 guest authors.
Price: $89.95


Designed for inexperienced owners and prospective owners of a pedigreed dog. Full-color photos and eye-catching sidebar features throughout.
Price: $16.95


 BOXER (KCB) - by Scott Williams
Information about breed history, characteristics and standard, as well as puppy selection, feeding, training, preventative health care and behavior of the breed.
Price: $14.95


 NEW OWNER'S GUIDE TO BOXERS - by Richard Tomita
All the basics for the new purebred dog owner - training, feeding, showing and care. Full color photos throughout.
Price: $12.95


 AN OWNER'S GUIDE TO THE PET BOXER - by Stephanie Abraham
Learn the specific characteristics of your breed, as well as how to feed, groom and keep your dog healthy. Designed for the new pet owner.
Price: $12.95


 GUIDE TO OWNING A BOXER - by Patti Rutledge
For the new owner. Includes puppy care, grooming, training, breed history, general health care, and breed standard. Published by TFH, contains lots of excellent color pictures.
Price: $7.95


 BOXERS FOR DUMMIES - by Richard Beauchamp
Don't let the title fool you, the Dummies books are packed with good and useful information on all aspects of the breed and are a great value.
Price: $15.99


 PROACTIVE SERIES: BOXER - by Monica Segal & Mike Cormier DVM
Mike Cormier, DVM, writes about the Boxer's possible problems, questions to ask a breeder, which conditions a good vet will check for, and what the symptoms and treatment may involve. Based on this information, Monica Segal writes about the best food and supplement choices most likely to benefit this breed.
Price: $7.95


 TERRA-NOVA: BOXER BOOK & DVD - by Sheila Boneham
Breed-specific guide with an extensive health chapter, and a bonus DVD featuring socialization, safety, and training advice!
Price: $16.95


Discussion of the breed standard: good structure and movement, acceptable colors, correct head, size. Developed for breeders, exhibitors and judges.
Price: $24.95


A beautiful 1" by 6" laminated bookmark handcrafted by artist Barbara Walker.
Price: $5.95